Together, NorthStar Gaming and Playtech

Playtech, the leading provider of gaming technology solutions and services in the world, and NorthStar Gaming Inc. are thrilled to announce a new partnership in Canada.

Thanks to this new collaboration, NorthStar Gaming will be able to provide Canadians with one of the best online gambling and sports betting experiences available. NorthStar Gaming will be able to fulfill its promise to offer its patrons the safest, most reliable, and most advanced online gambling service in the country.


NorthStar Gaming will provide Playtech’s IMS Platform and other products to Canadian customers after it receives the necessary approvals from governing bodies and finishes the licensing process.


The Playtech games IMS platform is one of the most comprehensive online back-end systems for iGaming and sports betting, and it will be of great use to NorthStar Gaming. Several of NorthStar Gaming’s products will be elevated to market-leading status thanks to the IMS platform.


What Does Michael Moskowitz of NorthStar Think?

NorthStar Gaming CEO Michael Moskowitz released a statement expressing his enthusiasm for the potential enhancements the alliance might bring to NorthStar’s online casino and sports betting platform. Moskowitz would say, “Given our proprietary content and localization — something consumers know they’re looking for — Playtech’s exceptional suite of tools will give us an unmatched edge in the marketplace.”


Playtech is well-known not just for producing superior products and services, but also for working closely with its licensees to promote responsible business and safer gaming practices.


In January of 2021, NorthStar Gaming announced plans to create a new online betting brand and sportsbook that would be operated from within Ontario. Since then, it has signed a groundbreaking omnichannel advertising and marketing services partnership with Torstar Corporation, a storied Canadian company that dates back to the late nineteenth century.


As a consequence of this relationship, NorthStar Gaming will be able to provide its customers with a comprehensive online casino and sports betting experience by leveraging the data-driven media solutions, news, sports sites, and social assets of this renowned and trusted brand.

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