Slot Overview of Narcos in Mexico

Narcos is back, and this time it’s in Mexico with its own branded slot called Narcos Mexico. This one is from Red Tiger, and it’s based on the Netflix show Narcos: Mexico, which was originally intended to be Season 4 of the original Narcos but ended up taking a different route. The same thing has occurred in the gambling slot industry. After more than a year in development, sibling firm NetEnt debuted the original Narcos game. While Narcos certainly had the makings of a great film, it ultimately fell short of the lofty expectations that had been set for it. The good news is that in their follow-up slot, Red Tiger has taken winning potential seriously by including a new bonus game based on cartel wars.

Both the visual style and overall mood of the games are comparable. The cartoonish realism of Narcos Mexico is just as effective as it was in the previous film at conveying the film’s dark subject matter. The load screen features five bosses among bullet-riddled vehicles, palm palms, and mansions. Despite its exoticism, one has to question whether or not the risks associated with maintaining such a large home so close to the ocean are indeed worth it.

The format of Narcos Mexico remains the same, with the action taking place on a 5×3 grid with 243 possible outcomes. When at least three identical symbols appear in any horizontal or vertical line, play is won. The very unpredictable return to player value has dropped to 95.7%. High rollers may also be disappointed to learn that the minimum bet is only 10 pence and the maximum is only £/€10.

When you hit the spin button, nine unique pay symbols will show in the game’s standard layout. These five tiles feature 9-A card ranks in front of imagery indicative of poor value, such as skulls and explosives. If you get all five, you’ll win back between 0.4 and 1.0 times your bet. The four heads of the cartel are the premium symbols, with payouts of 2x to 5x the wager for a line of five of a kind. The wild symbol, depicted as four slabs of weed with a scorpion on top, may substitute for any other symbol on reels 2, 3, and 4.

Mexican Narcos Slot Machine Options

Supply Drop and Double Cash are two randomized game modifications that appear in the main game. When you trigger the Supply Drop feature, an aircraft flies over the reels and drops wild icons. After a successful spin, the Double Cash feature might randomly activate, increasing the value of the jackpot by a factor of 2.

Profit from the Swap

When you win 100 times your wager or more in Narcos Mexico, you can trade in an amount equivalent to 100 times the bet in return for 3 Cartel Spins and keep the rest of your winnings. On the other hand, if you earn between 30x and 100x your initial wager, you may risk it all to try and win 3 Cartel Spins. The wager is made on a bonus wheel with red and green segments. If you land on a green square, you win!

Spinning Cartel

If you get three Cartel Spins symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 during regular play or via the Win Exchange, you’ll enter the game’s major bonus feature. In this iteration, we’ll be using a brand new, 10×10-square game board. Each spin has four cartel bosses in the four corners, while the remaining cells show either blanks, Mystery Territory symbols, phones, or planes. These symbols are triggered if they appear adjacent to a leader; they then lock into place and reset the number of spins to three. The functioning of activated symbols is as follows:

Uncover a wager multiplier in Mystery Land.

All multipliers in the region or territories immediately around the phone symbol are multiplied by 2.

The Plane Symbol: A Multiplier Increase of 1–5 in Adjacent Territories

If other identical symbols fall close to activated symbols on subsequent spins, those symbols will also become active. This is how the territories of the various cartel heads expand. Leaders engage in combat when their active symbols collide, and the victor takes over the other’s territory. When the win maximum is achieved or all available spins have been used, Cartel Spins will stop.

Slot Verdict in Mexico’s Narcos Case

Red Tiger deserves credit for shaking up the formula with Narcos Mexico, which offers a fresh take on the franchise. Okay, so maybe not totally fresh; there’s some familiarity in the appearance and feel between slots, but that’s a good thing. The presentation isn’t nearly as good as the first Narcos, but that might be because it doesn’t quite pack the same emotional punch the second time around. Of course, none of this is meant to detract from Narcos Mexico. It looks fantastic and is a welcome addition to the series, but it lacks the ‘scary’ atmosphere of previous entries.

The good news is that there are aspects of Narcos Mexico that far surpass those of the first series. The word “possibility” comes to mind first. Since Max Win was the weak link in the previous game, Red Tiger has increased the rewards to a far more respectable 10,486x the stake. Cartel Spins is a fun game, and so is the chance to win or try to win that much money. After a few lackluster attempts, the bonus round kind of fizzled out. After getting settled, however, everything began to click into place. To increase the worth of vast swaths of the board, it appeared to be effective for cartel leaders to conquer the territories of other cartel leaders and then land Phone and/or Plane symbols. While a turf fight may not be as thrilling as a Drive-by scene, tensions can still rise. Having said that, it’s probable that Narcos Mexico won’t interest you if you’re not into hold&win type games.

Players who were dissatisfied with the original installment should find Narcos Mexico’s stats to their liking. Red Tiger has elevated Cartel Spins from the status of a lowly foot soldier in the cartel to that of a powerful member of the organization.

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